How do you know if OT can help your child?
Our Occupational Therapy Screening Tool is a great way to determine if pediatric occupational therapy (OT) is right for your child and can help him/her meet life’s challenges. Your child may benefit from occupational therapy intervention if he/she has experienced or is experiencing any of the issues below. Below are some of the key areas we specialize in. Call today to discuss how we can address the specific needs of your child.
  1. Avoids touching or being touched (especially if unexpected), dislikes getting dirty, seems unaware of pain, and/or displays upset with daily routine tasks such as dressing, bathing, washing hair, cutting nails, etc.
  2. Seems clumsy or uncoordinated (taking longer than expected to learn motor skills, bumps into other people or objects in the environment, falls often, etc.)
  3. Poor eye contact or difficulty interacting with adults/peers
  4. Covers ears, becomes upset, or complains about loud noises
  5. Difficulty following verbal directions or completing steps of daily routines
  6. Limited diet (does not eat certain food textures or temperatures, gags on food, etc.)
  7. Avoid movement activities such as swings, slides, hesitates on curbs or uneven surfaces, etc.
  8. Appears to be in constant motion, fidgety, difficult time sitting still
  9. Overly rough when playing
  10. Difficulty imitating actions
  11. Unsafe in community or at home
  12. Disruptive behaviors-impulsive, limited attention, resistive to new activities/changes in routine, difficulty moving from one activity to another, gives up easily, difficulty calming self
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Down syndrome is a Genetic disorder with a child ending up with extra material resulting in some common characteristics.

These characteristics can include:

  • Hypotonia
  • Cognitive Delays (learning disabilities)
  • Distinctive facial features
  • Delayed development in all areas
  • Medical abnormalities including heart and GI disorders

Frequently Asked Questions About Down Syndrome

  • When should I refer my child for an evaluation? You can refer your child at any time for an evaluation. Down Syndrome is a diagnosis where there are typically delays. Therefore it is appropriate to have your child evaluated early to collaborate with the therapists on the best plan for your child’s development. Intermittent intervention may be needed as a child approaches new milestones throughout their life to ensure they reach their greatest potential.
  • What we can PAT do to help? Early evaluation is key in understanding your child’s individual needs. An evaluation will determine your child’s individual goals and treatment plan.
  • What type of evaluation should I get for my child? At PAT we offer occupational therapy, speech therapy, and physical therapy. Children with Down Syndrome may benefit from one or more of these therapies. Your pediatrician may give you a referral for a specific therapy, or you can talk to our referrals team about your concerns and we can point you in the right direction.
  • What does treatment at PAT look like? (may include but not limited too:)
    • Targeted strengthening
    • Facilitation of developmental milestones
    • Improve alignment to prevent deformities and poor posture
    • Orthotic management
    • Endurance training
    • Balance
    • Coordination
    • Gait biomechanics

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