Things we can help with in counseling:
Types of counseling we offer:

What does counseling include?

Counseling is talk therapy between the patient and a licensed counselor. Counselors help kids and parents cope with the day to day challenges of life and create solutions together so that the patient can live life to the fullest.

What does counseling not include?

Counseling does not include the management of prescription drugs to assist in the treatment of things like ADD/ADHD, depression and anxiety.

What insurances do you accept for counseling?

We accept N.C. Medicaid (Partners and Cardinal), NC Healthchoice, and all private insurances. We also accept self-pay.

How can counseling help my child?

Sometimes, counseling and therapy can be useful in times of crisis or because of a particular situation. Counseling can also help patients manage the ebb and flow of daily life. If your child is facing a social or emotional issue, it is likely something that a counselor can help with.

How can counseling help me as a parent?

As a parent and caregiver, being responsible for a child’s wellbeing can be tiring, especially compounded by caring for a child with a learning disability, physical disability or additional needs. We also offer counseling for adults in need of support in their role as a caregiver.