Speech Therapy

Our experienced and highly trained speech therapy staff specializes in a variety of speech therapy needs including:

  • Receptive Language – how a child understands his environment
  • Expressive Language – how a child uses sounds, words and gestures to communicate wants and needs
  • Articulation – how a child uses speech sounds in words and phrases
  • Phonological Processes –how a child understands the rules of putting sounds together to make words
  • Apraxia of Speech – or "motor planning". The child may have the word he wants to say in his brain, but is unable to get the "message" from his brain to his mouth.
  • Auditory Processing Disorder – how a child understands or misunderstands auditory input
  • Pragmatic Language – how a child interacts in social settings
  • Hearing Loss/Aural Rehabilitation – how a child with a hearing impairment understands and interacts in his environment
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Sensory Integration
  • Oral Motor – how a child's oral structure functions, including strength and coordination
  • Feeding Therapy – Immature or delayed oral motor or swallowing skills
  • Cleft Lip/Palate
  • Fluency/Stuttering – how a child produces sounds, words and phrases with fluency
  • Voice Disorders – when a child presents with poor vocal quality


How do you know if Speech Therapy can help your child?

Our Speech Therapy Screening Tool is a great way to determine if pediatric speech therapy is right for your child and can help him/her meet life's challenges. Your child may benefit from speech therapy intervention if he/she has experienced or is experiencing any of the issues below. These are just some of the many aspects of speech therapy in which we specialize. Call today to discuss how we can address the specific needs of your child.

  1. Does not follow or watch your face when speaking
  2. Does not smile or laugh in response to your smiles and laughs
  3. Does not follow directions easily
  4. Cannot use age-appropriate words and grammar
  5. Limited interest in toys and/or plays with them in an unusual way
  6. Has lost words he/she used to say
  7. Stutters when talking
  8. Has an ongoing hoarse voice
  9. Has problems with chewing or swallowing


Call us today at 704-799-6824 or request an appointment for a speech therapy evaluation for your child.

Our Parent's Story


"Every Wednesday that we come, Charlie benefits from his therapy sessions. His development is so improved and I have to thank the wonderful staff of Pediatric Advanced Therapy for helping him."

Elizabeth R., Mooresville

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