Lonny Bernath Owner and CEO since 2014

Lonny Bernath took over as owner of Pediatric Advanced Therapy in March 2014 when the original owner realized that she needed help with the business side of running such a large clinic. The pair saw it as a perfect opportunity to combine the previous owner’s occupational therapy background with Lonny’s business acumen.

In the time since taking over, Lonny has worked towards a singular goal of making PAT the premier destination for all pediatric therapy needs in North Charlotte. His first step was to strengthen the relationship with the therapy staff and the clinic by providing best in class benefits. His belief was that continuity with patients was a core principal of successful therapy. By creating a happier, more engaged staff, Lonny hoped to ensure that therapists would stay for a long time. This has been a highly successful strategy as turnover has been extremely low since taking over.

In addition to a more consistent therapy staff, Lonny also implemented many changes to the front office processes in an effort to improve the patient experience. A faster response time to parents both prior to and after becoming patients were part of this effort. The front office staff at PAT is made up of parents of patients and aspiring OT’s. This brings an understanding of therapy and a compassion for the parents and kids to the front office that few, if any, outpatient clinics can achieve with typical front office staffing.

In 2015, Lonny expanded the practice to include both physical therapy and speech therapy. By expanding into multiple disciplines and hiring world class therapists to treat, PAT could become a single contact point for any parent seeking outpatient therapy for their children. In 2017, PAT opened its 3rd clinic in south Charlotte and in 2019, having outgrown the original location, moved into its current state of the art facility.

Prior to owning PAT, Lonny has worked in engineering, finance, operations and sales across multiple industries. While those have been great experiences, nothing has been as rewarding as his time spent helping and growing PAT. It is one thing to have a good job. It is quite another to do good things.

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